Rules and Regulations



The children must be present in the school campus latest be 07.40 a.m. If for any reason, parent or transport operator is unable to come on time to collect the student(s), the school's office must be informed before the end of the school hours.


1. If a student is absent for a day or two, parents must send a note to the class teacher on the day, the student attends school.
2. If a student wants to remain absent for more than two days, prior permission must be taken from the Principal or the Supervisor.
3. A Student cannot remain absent on the very first day of the school after vacation, In case of contingency, prior permission or intimation should be given to the Principal or the School office.


01. Parents, relatives or friends or the students are not allowed to enter the classroom or meet the teachers during working hours.
02. Matters concerning the school, student or class will not be discussed with the teachers directly or indirectly through telephone, personal contact etc. or at the teacher's home. Any matter for discussion will be attended to, at the school itself.
03. Parents may meet teachers from 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m on second and fourth Saturday of every month, 1st Saturday or every month will be a holiday for Std. I to IV.
04. The school will not be responsible for loss or theft of any gold ornaments, valuable items or money brought by the children.
05. Any type of certificate required by the student from the school will be provided only after 3 days of receipt of an application for the same.
06. Students must come to school on all working days in the prescribed uniform, failing to do so are liable for strict action.
07. In order to maintain school discipline, it is very important for the students to come on time. Late comers have to get the late remark signed by the class teacher.
08. Students should not indulge in any objectionable behaviour both within and outside the school. Such behaviour is subject to strict disciplinary action.
09. The Students must adhere to the school's disciplinary code & maintain decorum while moving inside the school premises.
10. Parents must attend all the open days.
11. It is compulsory for the students to converse in English.
12. All the class tests and semester exams are compulsory.
13. Half day will not be granted for attending marriages or other social programs.
14. A Student can be detained for the following reasons:

  • If he/she shows indiscipline.
  • If he/she is found damaging school property.
  • If attendance is less.


1. An application for the school leaving certificate must be handed over to the school office, either hand written or filled in the forms available at the office.
2. A separate hand written application for the refund of deposit must be handed to the school office along with a Xerox copy of the deposit receipt (THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT MUST BE DEPOSITED AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE AT THE TIME OF RECEIVING THE CHEQUE FOR THE AMOUNT.)
3. The school leaving certificate will be issued only one week after the date of the application is received.
4. If an application for withdrawal is made in June, fees for the month of June will have to be paid.
5. If any pupil leaves in March, fees for April and May will have to be paid.
6. If a parent wishes to admit his Child / ward elsewhere at the end of the academic year, the school must be informed in writing latest by the month of April of that particular year.
7. If the school is not informed and the student's name is carried forward in the new register, parents are liable to pay the fees for all the months, the name has been on the register regardless of whether the student has been present or absent. This amount of fees if not paid by the parents will be recovered from the deposit amount.
8. In such a condition the student's name will be maintained in the register for maximum period of one academic year only; after which the name will be struck off.


1. Books should be taken from the library only with the permission of the Librarian after having it duly entered.
2. Marking, underlining or tearing of pages is strictly forbidden.
3. Reference books are not to be issued. They are important books required for consultation during working hours of the Library.
4. Books and Magazines must be handled carefully and should be put back in their original places.